Myths about Root Canal Treatment

If you were recently informed that you need a root canal, chances are the minute you left your dentist’s office, you immediately began scouring the internet for information on this well-known but highly misunderstood dental service. The internet can be a great place to gather helpful information, but it is also plagued by unreliable sources...

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The Teeth Whitening Diet

Apple An apple a day keeps gum bacteria at bay. Their crisp texture and high water content increase saliva, washing away harmful bacteria that create plaque and leads to discoloration over time. Its crunchiness, much like carrots, serves as a natural toothbrush. The malic acid, which is found in most teeth whitening products such as...

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Teeth Whitening Myths

Myth-1: Teeth Whitening makes teeth sensitive: After the process of teeth whitening at the dental clinic, few patients may feel a sensation of hot and cold for about a week time. The sensation is not permanent and goes away naturally after a few days or weeks. Myth-2: Harms the enamel: Teeth whitening treatments performed by...

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Should you worry about your child’s teeth grinding?

Teeth Grinding, which is known as bruxism in medical terms is a condition associated with adults as well as children. Usually, children who grind their teeth do so at night. Most of the time they are not aware of their teeth grinding actions. Teeth grinding can not only cause headaches and jaw pain, but it...

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Myths about baby teeth

In this blog, we have tried to clear misconceptions about a child’s first teeth which are also called primary teeth, milk teeth or baby teeth. Here are few myths about baby teeth that every parent should know: Myth-1: Cavities in baby teeth do not matter: If there is decay in the baby tooth, it can...

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A common misconception – Teeth are not alive

People often wonder, “How does a tooth get an infection when it is not alive!” The misconception that teeth are not alive leads to confusion about how teeth become infected. Because we cannot “feel” sensation on healthy teeth, many people feel teeth are not alive. The fact is, most of the things which make teeth...

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