Dentures are removable replacements for your missing teeth, designed to look and function like your own natural teeth and surrounding gum tissues. They are generally made from an ultramodern acrylic material which is high-strength and durable. If you look after the dentures then this material is unlikely to stain or darken and will remain fresh and natural looking for many years.


The fact that we provide comfortable, natural-looking dentures is a real benefit to those people who no longer possess their natural teeth but for whom socializing and showing a confident smile is very important.

Our modern knowledge and techniques will ensure that dentures from Burlington Dental Practice look great and feel comfortable, allowing patients to eat with confidence. We offer a variety of dentures to suit most budgets.

If you have several missing teeth, possibly from some time ago, then you will benefit from having dentures as they will provide support for your cheeks and lips. Dentures can reduce the number of lines and wrinkles around your face, this can literally take years off your face.

At Burlington Dental Practice each set of dentures is personalized to your gums, lips, tongue, and your whole mouth. Having good-looking teeth also gives you more confidence and freedom to smile.

If you have any specific questions about Dentures please fill our Online Contact Form or call us on 01405 762917. Use our Online Consultation Booking tool to book your initial consultation.

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We offer a plan for patients to join. £12.99 a month would include:

• 15% discount from Private Prices
• The same dentist every visit no surprises
• Two checkups a year, including relevant x-rays and scale and polish

* We retain the rights to change the prices without notice, however the plan discount would remain the same.

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